Scarves, Travel Towels, Totes + more!


A skirt's best friend and just maybe something for him! Add a towel, tote, and sun scarf to your order, and you’ll spend your free time having fun in the sun! *not schlepping in a mall.

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"I'm not one of those women who likes spending her vacation shopping. I love that I can visit RipSkirt and get a week of outfits, towels and scarves and be ready to play when I get to my destination. It will be only road trips this summer so I'm picking up a few more towels and sun bandits!"  Carine J 

P.S. I bought the tote for the beach, but use it for everything!

RipSkirts aren’t fussy. They’re made from technical fabric that’s quick-dry and wrinkle-free. That means you can just scrunch it up in your bag, wet or not. Or if you’ve been on a muddy hike, you can give it a quick wash in the sink, and you’re  good to go. These things were made to be easy.