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Our flagship piece! RipSkirt is an eye-catching, versatile, wrap skirt made with a soft, supple, water-shedding fabric. Packs small, dries quickly, wrinkle-free + no fuss!

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Have you ever tried to pack seven RipSkirts into a backpack? You probably didn’t even notice, because they fold up teeny weeny, and they’re really light. You’ll have more outfits than you know what to do with, and no more waiting to check in your baggage. No one needs baggage.

RipSkirts aren’t fussy. They’re made from technical fabric that’s quick-dry and wrinkle-free. That means you can just scrunch it up in your bag, wet or not. Or if you’ve been on a muddy hike, you can give it a quick wash in the sink, and you’re  good to go. These things were made to be easy.

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