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Last Chance Sale

We don't do endless sales or coupon codes, but every time we add a print, an older print moves to the sale page. They move fast, so grab it if you like it!

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The adjustable velcro closure on your RipSkirt means you can wear it high or low, or just give yourself some breathing room when you’re somewhere in Italy and you can’t pronounce sfogliatelle but dang it, you’re ordering it again. 
Lose the spandex. Eat the dessert. Twice.

RipSkirts aren’t fussy. They’re made from technical fabric that’s quick-dry and wrinkle-free. That means you can just scrunch it up in your bag, wet or not. Or if you’ve been on a muddy hike, you can give it a quick wash in the sink, and you’re  good to go. These things were made to be easy.